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At this comprehensive, one and a half day workshop, we’ll be covering everything you need to know to produce amazing, jaw-dropping, attention-getting underwater fine art portraits.

You’ll also be participating in an actual underwater portrait shoot!

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • camera and lens choices

  • underwater camera housings

  • water safety

  • working with models

  • wardrobe for underwater work

  • camera settings

  • underwater lighting

  • backdrops & props

  • breathing techniques

  • editing & post-production

  • printing your work

  • optional add-ons like an underwater night shoot and one-on-one coaching from Brienne!

Ready to dive in and learn about this one-of-a-kind standout portraiture technique? Only 10 total spots available so claim yours now!


“Brass tacks. What’s the investment cost?”

There has never been another underwater portraiture workshop like this. I’m laying it all out on the line and telling you all my secrets! Besides all the top quality education, you’ll also be provided with lunch and dinner on the first day of the workshop, awesome swag with discount codes and freebies from multiple vendors, and the ability to start creating your own high-quality underwater photography content right away!

Attendees who book by 8/31 pay $1199 (reservation fee of $400)

Attendees who book after 9/1 pay $1449 (Reservation fee of $724.50)

Want to save a few bucks? Email directly to info@underwaterbrienne.com for a PAY IN FULL discounted price of just $999 when you book by 8/31!

Typical client print sales from my underwater sessions average $2000 each — you could make back the cost of this experience in as little as ONE session! Even if you book no more than one underwater portrait client in the next year, you will have already made your investment back. Add in the freebies, the discount codes, and more, and what have you got to lose?

** attendees are responsible for their own accommodations for the duration of the workshop, as well as breakfast on both mornings**

Add-ons for your workshop experience

Want to get even more out of your time in the desert? Optional add-ons for the workshop include:

Night-shoot with underwater lighting — $150

1-on-1 private instruction & coaching with Brienne (1 hr) — $99

*add-ons can be selected through the registration page. One-on-one appointments are limited to 3 attendees only*


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